Sèvres cup with matching Meissen saucer, mauve mottled ground and harbour scenes, 1777


Cup height 4.2 cm, ø 7.4 cm. Saucer ø 13.1 cm

Saucer with blue crossed swords mark with gilt dots, cup with gilt mark of crowned interlaced Ls, date-letters A and Z inside, painter’s mark CA for Philippe Castel.

Meissen saucer with replacement Sèvres cup. Mottled mauve ground, on the saucer, gold ground in the well with a lobed reserve with figures in a landscapes, cup with two reserves with figures in landscapes, inside entirely gilt.

In 1777 the painter Castel was paid for decorating “2 couvercles et gobelets Saxe paysages et figures” (Vj1, f. 76 vo.). This was clearly to replace elements missing from a Meissen tea service.

The mark under the cup is unusual. The letter A is found with the date-letter Z inside the factory mark. Castel’s mark is usually a C but here the mark is a capital CA.


Laurence Rundell