Pair of Sèvres trays from the marquis de Paulmy service, 1758


Soucoupe à pied

Ø 22.8 cm, height 3.6 cm

One with interlaced Ls, date-letter E for 1758, painter’s mark T with a dot for François Binet

Pair of circular lobed trays on shallow spreading feet. Thick green ribbons and garlands of flowers.

These trays served to hold the tasses à glace in which sorbet was served between courses. From the 1760s onwards, they were also used as trays for tea services. The green ribbon decoration was first employed in 1758 for a set of plates for Madame de Pompadour, then (with double ribbons) for the service given by Louis XV in 1759 to the Empress Maria Theresa.

Two further services with green ribbons were produced around this time. Ours are probably two of the four soucoupes à pied from the service delivered to the marquis de Paulmy (1722-1787) on 29 March 1760. Four of the tasses à glace are in the Sèvres museum, and a further pair were sold Paris, Pescheteau Badin, 13 october 2008, lot 48.

Paulmy was the son the marquis d’Argenson, author of the famous Mémoires. He held a number of government posts, rising to become minister of War in 1757-58. He is then sent as ambassador to Poland in 1759, where he stays until 1765. It is likely that this service was ordered for his Polish stay. He was a distinguished writer, becoming a member of the Académie Française in 1748.



Laurence Rundell